Post-release of March 8th

Yesterday, in the center of Bishkek, an annual march against violence with regard to women, organized by volunteers of the 8/365 informal movement, took place. This event became, perhaps, the most numerous in all the years. About 600 people took part in it. This time, the meeting place was at the territory of the White House. A column of people with banners and flags marched along Chui Avenue to the monument to the Fighters of the Revolution.

Many brought their posters with slogans: “An educated girl will always find her place in life!”, “The woman's place is in the White House”, “Safe life for women!”, “Human rights are women's rights.”

Last year, the march was supposed to take place on Victory Square, but was thwarted by a crowd of unknown masked men. The police arrived at the scene. The activists of the 8/365 movement were detained and taken to the Regional Department of Internal Affairs.

The main message of the march this year was "Women's happiness". On March 8, people often wish women happiness, meaning marriage, children and family life. At the same time, the house remains the most unsafe place for a woman. There she has the greatest chance of being abused. Women in Kyrgyzstan do unpaid domestic work and earn a quarter less than men, according to the National Statistical Committee.

A woman's happiness is freedom and opportunities for self-development and free education. Girls and women must be protected from violence and have the right and freedom of choice in life. This is female happiness.

March 8 remains an important political date in Kyrgyzstan and a day of women's solidarity.
This day unites in a common struggle feminists, activists for women's rights and gender equality, LGBT activists and allies. Together, we continue to go to the streets, declare our needs and demand equal rights, not only on paper, but also in life.