LGBT and Jogorku Kenesh elections 2020

Recently, the LGBT platform of Kyrgyzstan made a statement that the LGBT community does not cooperate with any political party. Nevertheless, the use of LGBT people in order to denigrate competitors continues and becomes more and more dangerous.

The way the image of LGBT people is being used now transcends all boundaries of humanity and goes beyond what can be considered a "political confrontation".

We express solidarity with all affected LGBT people and ask you to take care of the personal safety and safety of your loved ones / your communities. To do this, you can:

• Close / restrict access to your profiles on social networks
• Do not share personal information with strangers and strangers
• Do not react / do not make excuses / do not answer questions about other people's identities
• Ask your friends to stop distributing content (if you receive a video).

We call on allies and the community to counter the ongoing attack on the LGBT community. This can be done in two simple ways:

• Promote the blocking of content on the Internet, through complaints about publications containing details of someone else's personal life.
• Do not distribute content with outing (forced disclosure of someone else's sexual orientation and gender identity) of LGBT people.

If you encounter harassment and need help, please contact us by mail, Telegram +996 555 90 29 63 or Instagram @labrys_kg

In "Labrys" you can get:
• Support in passing a medical examination
• Legal advice / support
• Psychological assistance
• Consultations of the parent club "Meduza" for parents of LGBT people.