Diana Arseneva on "Hard Day's Night"

On April 26 our organization’s director Diana Arsenieva participated in "A Hard Day's Night" TV programme on TV1 KG with host Maxim Poletaev. The episode's topic was "Open Dialogue". They had a talk about the frequently manipulated subject of NGOs and/or LGBT people, about the political situation, where and why the grants come from and who is accountable for them, what are NGOs, where do politically active citizens come from (and why are they needed).

It is very important for our team to share with you the truth about NGOs, human rights and protecting people from injustice, violence and crime. We try to do this on our pages and website, but sometimes we also have to go out on public platforms (although this is not always safe for us). 

"NGOs are ordinary people who see injustices that the state does nothing about. They get together, register, pay taxes and do projects to solve social problems." - Diana

We are grateful to Diana for her openness and willingness to represent Labrys and make the NGO sector more understood and transparent to the citizens of our country. Diana's participation in the TV programme was a joint and solidarity initiative between our team and TV1 KG. 

You can watch a fragment with Diana's participation on our Youtube channel Diana Arsenieva on "A Hard Day's Night", and you can watch the entire episode on the Youtube channel "A Hard Day's Night". Automatic English subtitles are available.