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Desk research: Health and rights of LGBT in Kyrgyzstan

Desk research: Health and rights of LGBT in Kyrgyzstan
Автор: COC – Labrys – Kyrgyz Indigo
Категория: Исследования ЛГБТИКС организации "Лабрис" 
Скачать: 2012_desk_research_kyrgyzstan_labrys-60-107.pdf 149.30 KB

This is an English version of the document that was developed on the basis of an analysis of accessible and openly published sources, data of the LGBT organizations Labrys and Kyrgyz Indigo, and also on the basis of a small field activity specially conducted for the writing of some sections of the report.

The review provides a detailed description of the political, legal and socio-economic context, which makes it possible to clearly understand the conditions under which programs targeted at the LGBT community in Kyrgyzstan are being developed.

The sections devoted to LGBT rights provide an overview of the country's main international obligations regarding the observance of LGBT rights, a brief analysis of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, a description of the situation with rigts violations based on the analysis of documented cases, and a description of LGBT access to legal aid.

Sections on health and HIV include a review of the spread of HIV and STIs, a review of knowledge and behavior of LGBT people regarding HIV / AIDS prevention, a description of existing prevention, care and support programs, as well as access of LGBT people to health services.

Among other issues covered by this study is a general description of the LGBT community and an overview of public and other organizations working with the LGBT community and representing its interests. The document is a comprehensive analysis of the situation, but is not the exhaustive one.

Kristina Makhnicheva
Veronika Yurieva
Syinat Sultanalieva
Nazik Abylgazieva
Daniyar Orsekov
Lily Ten
Bakyt Bayshenov
Ekaterina Zelinskaya

Coordination and counseling:
Jyldyz Torobekova
Anna Kirey

Published by:
COC Netherlands, LGBT organizations Labrys and Kyrgyz Indigo (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
Bishkek, 2012

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