Every year on May 17 “Labrys” celebrates IDAHOLBIT - International Day against homophobia, biphobia, lesbophobia, intersexphobia and transphobia, to commemorate the elimination of homosexuality and bisexuality from the International Classification of Diseases on May 17, 1990.

This year, in the context of the pandemic, we decided to draw attention to one important thing related to confronting homo/bi/lesbo/transbophobia in Kyrgyzstan and the world through series of publications. One of our publications today is dedicated to the Digest, which consists of materials from the First Regional Trans*Conference.

Digest of the First Regional Conference "Health and Quality of Life of Trans*people in Central Asia" materials - contains the reports of medical practitioners on the possibilities of receiving medical care for transgender, transsexual, gender nonconforming and nonbinary  people; lawyers' reports on the legal basis of gender recognition in Central Asia; experience in introducing trans*specific issues in educational programs. The digest also contains information on experience of social support and development of trans*communities in Central Asia, along with personal stories of trans*people and their relatives. It combines previously published as well as new and unique materials that in turn can help present and understand the context in which trans*people exist in Central Asia. 

It is important for us that access to the Digest is available to people and organizations that aim to explore and understand trans*issues in more detail - the realities of trans*people in Central Asia, opportunities to develop partnerships, trans*community, ally groups (parents and friends of trans*people), opportunities to see where we are now, where we started, where we are hoping to be and what it takes to bring the changes we need.

We see that this Digest can be useful for organizations that set themselves tasks related to protection and promotion of human rights and development of a non-discriminatory and equal state; for assisting specialists, including doctors and lawyers; for ministries officials, departments and decision makers in the systems of health care, justice, labor and social support; for employees and heads of medicine, psychology and law departments in Central Asian universities.

We believe that together, in solidarity, believing in change and willing to make that change - we can move towards global goals that trans*movement and all those around us have set:

• Overcoming intolerance and promoting acceptance in civil society, professional communities and countries in general.
• Countering transphobia and developing an empowering and inclusive environment for people of any gender identity and gender expression, including overlapping stigma, in Central Asian countries
• Building a loyal society and a fair, non-discriminatory State system that provides legal protection and responds to health and security needs of transgender, gender nonconforming and nonbinary people.

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