"They Said We Deserved This"

"They Said We Deserved This"
Author: Human Rights Watch 2014
Download: Police Violence Against Gay and Bisexual Men in Kyrgyzstan - Human Rights Watch 2014.pdf 439.90 KB

Violence, blackmail, and extortion by police, and a lack of accountability for these crimes, are all too common in Kyrgyzstan, but those who belong to minority groups are particularly vulnerable. Gay and bisexual men are easy targets for abuse due to deep social conservatism.

Pervasive homophobia in society and widespread police corruption contribute to these abuses. In general, men in Kyrgyzstan are expected to conform to stereotypical male appearances, marry women, and have children.  Men who do not fit these stereotypes are perceived as failing to fulfill familial and social duties and are often pressured to conform. Many people perceive homosexuality as a “tragedy” and a “disease.” As a result, many gay and bisexual men interviewed by Human Rights Watch said that they fear disclosing their sexual orientation to their families and employers and try to conceal it from others at any cost.

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