Hate crimes in the OSCE region: incidents and responses. 2012

Hate crimes in the OSCE region: incidents and responses. 2012
Author: OSCE
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P. 83

"Kyrgyzstan: No official data on crimes motivated by bias against LGBT people were reported to ODIHR. The NGO Labrys reported 15 physical assaults, including nine resulting in serious injury, all of which were carried out by a group, one of which involved throwing stones, and one of which involved a serious assault, rape and threat to kill a transgender woman; and a further five threats against men and women who were identified as gay"...

This edition of Hate Crimes in the OSCE Region, Incidents and Responses is part of the continuing efforts by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights(ODIHR) to address the pernicious problem of hate crimes. The publication makes available up-to-date information, based largely on official data provided by governments. Collecting and publishing data is a first vital step in understanding the prevalence, extent and nature of hate crimes, in order to be able to respond more effectively.

Source: http://tandis.odihr.pl/hcr2012/pdf/Hate_Crime_Report_full_version.pdf

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